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  • Piezoelectric ultrasonic transducer introduction
    Many applications of ultrasonic sensors are based on distance measurement, such as UAV obstacle avoidance, rangefinders, parking radars... In these applications, the role of ultrasonic transducers as an important component is energy conversion. The ultrasonic transmitter converts the pulse signal into ultrasonic waves and transmits it, and the ultrasonic receiver receives the returned ultrasonic waves and converts them into electrical signals.
  • How to judge the actual power of the speaker
    Recently, I have always encountered the problem of exaggerated speaker power in customer enquiries. For example, a 4-inch speaker customer told me that the power is 50W or more. This is completely nonsense. I want to say that the manufacturer with such a label is fooling someone. Not every custome
  • The difference between piezo buzzer and magnetic buzzer (Part 4)
    From the introduction of previous issues, we know that both piezoelectric buzzer and electromagnetic buzzer can work under the condition of connecting DC voltage, which can be said to be their common point. Today we talk about the differences between the piezo buzzer and magnetic buzzer.Magnetic b
  • The difference between magnetic buzzer and magnetic transducer (Part 3)
    The electromagnetic buzzer is composed of an oscillator, an electromagnetic coil, a magnet, a vibrating diaphragm and a shell. After the power is turned on, the audio signal current generated by the oscillator passes through the electromagnetic coil, causing the electromagnetic coil to generate a ma
  • The difference between piezo buzzer and piezo transducer (Part 2)
    Piezoelectric buzzer, also called piezo audio indicator, can make sound when connected to DC power.
  • Introduction to Buzzer (Part 1) What is a buzzer?
    A buzzer or beeper is an audio signalling device, Contain piezoelectric (piezo) buzzer / transducer, magnetic buzzer / transducer and mechanical buzzer, piezo or magnetic buzzer / transducer also contain SMD type, we call them SMD piezo buzzer / transducer and SMD electro-magnetic buzzer / transduce
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