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Introduction to Buzzer (Part 1) What is a buzzer?

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A buzzer or beeper is an audio signalling device, it is no exaggeration to say that it exists in every corner of our lives, but most people do not know it. When we turn on the air conditioner, we will hear a reminder sound, and the rice cooker will also have a reminder sound after the power is turned on. We are used to this sound, but we don’t know that it is from the buzzer. We even not know the name of this sound product. What does it look like? Below I show you a picture of a collection of various buzzers.

图层 877(1)

From the picture you can see all kinds of buzzers, big and small, how do they classify them?


It's Contain piezoelectric (piezo) buzzer / transducer, magnetic buzzer / transducer and mechanical buzzer, piezo or magnetic buzzer / transducer also contain SMD type, we call them SMD piezo buzzer / transducer and SMD electro-magnetic buzzer / transducer. 

The pin-type buzzer is suitable for wave soldering, and the patch-type buzzer is suitable for reflow soldering.

This is a brief introduction to the buzzer today. In the next issue, I will introduce the difference between a piezoelectric buzzer and a piezoelectric transducer.

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