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Sourcing Tweeter Horn Speaker From HC

 For Wholesalers

We have many years of experience in cooperating with wholesalers of acoustic components. We are well aware of customer preferences in various markets. Product diversity is our advantage, and competitive prices can help wholesalers win customers. Helping customers save costs and win a larger market is our goal. We provide thoughtful customized services, from products to packaging, we can customize according to customer needs.

 For End User

With years of experience in the industry, it is not difficult to find that the end customers of acoustic components are manufacturers of various home appliances, while the users of tweeter horns are generally professional audio manufacturers and swiftlet farms in Southeast Asia.
The end customer is most concerned about whether the product performance can meet the needs of use. For such customers, we provide in-depth customization services. The customer can provide us with samples, and we can produce equivalent quality substitutes according to his samples.
We have experienced engineers who have been in the industry for more than 20 years, and the research and development of products has never been interrupted.

An Introduction To Tweeter Horn Speakers

Tweeter horns are mainly divided into Piezo Tweeter (Piezo Ceramic Tweeter Horn) and Neodymium Magnet tweeter. This is distinguished by structure. In terms of service life, the Neodymium magnet tweeter has a longer service life, and the sound is significantly larger than that of the piezo tweeter. But its existence is reasonable. The price of the piezo tweeter is much cheaper than Neodymium magnet tweeter. Products that do not require very high treble can choose piezo tweeter.

Piezo Tweeter

Neodymium Magnet tweeter

Neodymium Magnet Tweeter

Application Of Tweeter Horn Speaker

Piezo tweeter and Neodymium magnet tweeter are mainly used as the treble output of speakers, and can have a more delicate performance for sounds with frequencies greater than 10000hz. In view of this feature, it is also used to simulate bird calls. The most classic example is that the swallow farms in Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand and other Asian countries use these two tweets as a lure for swallows to build nests, thus completing the production of bird's nests. High-quality tweeters can more realistically interpret the calls of young and adult birds.

AUDAX TWEETER is the leader of this product. Because of its early start and rooted in the market itself, it has occupied most of the market for swiftlet farming. But due to the simple structure of the product, it is not difficult to produce a high-quality TWEETER, and we are fully capable of producing tweeters of the same quality.

Internal Structure Of Tweeter Horn Speaker

Tweeter Horn has been developed for decades, the size and appearance of the product have basically been finalized, but the price of the same size and appearance is very different. Let's take a look at their internal structure together, which may help you.

Internal Structure Of Piezo Tweeter

Let's talk about piezo tweeter first. Piezo tweeter makes sound through the vibration of piezoelectric ceramic sheets. Piezo element is its core component. The quality of this core component has a great impact on the price of the product itself. The following picture shows 4 commonly used piezo discs, the size is arranged from small to large, and the price is also arranged from low to high.

If you look closely, you can see that the edge of the piezo disc on the left is flat, while the edge of the piezo disc on the right is wavy. The difference between the corrugated piezo disc and the ordinary piezo disc is that the tweeter with the corrugated piezo disc has a louder sound and a relatively long service life, so the price of the tweeter with the corrugated piezo disc is higher than that of the ordinary piezo disc.
Another factor that affects the price of a piezo tweeter is the housing material. There are two main materials for Housing, PP and ABS.
The price of ABS material is much higher than that of PP material. The performance comparison of the two materials is as follows:
1. Different molding temperature
ABS material molding temperature: 200—240℃
pp material forming temperature: 160-220℃
2. Different performance
ABS material properties: good comprehensive performance, high impact strength, good chemical stability, good electrical properties
pp material properties: crystalline material, low hygroscopicity, easy to melt and rupture, and easy to decompose after long-term contact with hot metal. The fluidity is good, but the shrinkage range and shrinkage value are large, and shrinkage dents and deformation are prone to occur.

Internal Structure Of Neodymium Magnet Tweeter

The factors that affect the price of the piezo tweeter have been explained, now let's analyze the Neodymium magnet tweeter.

Since the sounding principle of the Neodymium magnet tweeter is different from the piezo tweeter, it is closer to the sounding principle of the speaker. The main accessories are sound membrane and Neodymium magnet. The sound membrane used in the Neodymium magnet tweeter mainly includes titanium membrane and resin membrane. The photo above can well illustrate the difference between the two.
Regarding neodymium magnets, the price of raw materials has risen sharply around the world in recent years, and the price of neodymium magnets has risen by more than 100%, so the price of Neodymium magnet tweeters has risen sharply.

Variety Of Packaging Options

Points To Know When Sending An Inquiry

After understanding the factors that affect the price of the two Tweeter Horns and the packaging options, we have compiled a few considerations when sending an inquiry:
1. Make sure the housing material is PP or ABS.
2. Inform the packaging requirements, bulk or small box packaging. If it is small box packaging, please confirm whether you want color box packaging or neutral white box packaging. Color box packaging has MOQ requirements. MOQ 5000 PCS.
3.Inquiry for piezo tweeter horn: pls give the exact diameter of the piezo disc, and confirm whether it is a corrugated piezo disc or a normal piezo disc.
4.Inquiry for Neodymium magnet tweeter horn: Pls advise the exact sound membrane material and neodymium magnet diameter.

Haven't sent your inquiry yet, what are you waiting for?

How To Extend The Life Of Your Tweeter Horn Speaker?

Both Piezo tweeter and Neodymium magnet tweeter are consumables in swiftlet farming. Each farm needs to replace the tweeter horn multiple times, which increases both the usage cost of the tweeter and the labor cost. , which is not a small expense for the farm. How can we improve the service life and reduce the cost?
Our suggestion is to add a capacitor to each Tweeter or use a frequency divider, which can effectively prolong the service life and reduce the cost. You can see this in usage videos of many clients.
Usually our products are not equipped with capacitors, but if the customer needs it, we can help him purchase it.

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