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After years of cooperation with manufacturers, it is not difficult to find that the main application products of ultrasonic transducers include ultrasonic rangefinders, drones, signal jammers, mouse and dog repellents, parking systems, etc.
For production-oriented enterprises, we provide in-depth customized services and technical support. We have many years of cooperation experience with various industries, and perhaps our experience can help you.

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We have many years of experience in cooperating with wholesalers of ultrasonic transducer. We are well aware of customer preferences in various markets. Product diversity is our advantage, and competitive prices can help wholesalers win customers. Helping customers save costs and win a larger market is our goal. We provide thoughtful customized services, from products to packaging, we can customize according to customer needs.

Introduction Of Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Transducer

Before introducing the ultrasonic transducer, we should first understand its structure, on the right is its structure diagram.
The exact name of this product is Ultrasonic Transducer, but many people like to call it Ultrasonic Sensor. There is a big difference between the two, we can simply understand that the ultrasonic transducer is an important element of the ultrasonic sensor. However, when explaining the ultrasonic transducer, you cannot leave the ultrasonic sensor, because the function of the ultrasonic transducer is tightly connected with the ultrasonic sensor.
Many applications of ultrasonic sensors are based on distance measurement, such as UAV obstacle avoidance, rangefinders, parking radars... In these applications, the role of ultrasonic transducers as an important component is energy conversion. The ultrasonic transmitter converts the pulse signal into ultrasonic waves and transmits it, and the ultrasonic receiver receives the returned ultrasonic waves and converts them into electrical signals.
In detail, a pulse signal is added between the two electrodes of the ultrasonic transmitter. When the frequency of the applied signal is equal to the frequency of the piezoelectric disc, the piezoelectric disc will vibrate, and it will also drive the resonant plate to vibrate to generate ultrasonic waves. this is the transmitting end of the ultrasonic generator. However, if there is no external pulse signal between the two electrodes of the ultrasonic transducer, and the resonant plate receives the transmitted ultrasonic wave, the piezoelectric disc will be forced to vibrate, and then the generated mechanical energy will be converted into an electrical signal, which is the ultrasonic receiver. Usually the transmitter and the receiver are two independent products, but as the integration with life becomes more and more close, small size and light weight are the trend of development, and the ultrasonic transducer with integrated transceiver also emerges as the times require. We are also in the research and development of SMD ultrasonic transducers, and we believe that they will soon be available to the market.

Application Of Ultrasonic Transducer Speaker

The application of ultrasonic transducers on small drones needs to be traced back to 2015, which was a key time point for the rapid development of the drone industry. The initial UAV obstacle avoidance uses a 40Khz ultrasonic sensor. The distance between the UAV and the obstacle is controlled by the distance measurement of the ultrasonic sensor, which reduces the damage of the UAV caused by the collision, and has a great impact on the UAV industry.
Due to the requirements for high cruising range, the ultrasonic transducers used on UAVs are required to be small in size and light in weight. Usually, an ultrasonic transducer with a diameter of 10mm and an integrated transceiver is used. We are fortunate to be involved in the research and development of the ultrasonic sensor for ANAFI drones (ANAFI is a drone with shooting function launched by Parrot, if you love photography and sports, you may know it). Our HC10T-40TR-WA ultrasonic transducer is used on all ANAFI drones.
Ultrasonic transducers are also widely used in car reversing radar and parking guidance systems used in parking lots. When we are reversing, the car will make a sound when encountering an obstacle, which is the ranging function of the ultrasonic sensor. When we parked the car, a sensor light above the parking space changed from green to red, which is also an application of the ultrasonic sensor ranging function. The ultrasonic sensor for reversing use a waterproof ultrasonic transducer with a diameter of 16mm, which corresponds to our model HC16F-40FS-BA. In the parking guidance system, a split open type ultrasonic transducer with a diameter of 16mm is usually used. It is an ultrasonic sensor that contains an ultrasonic transmitter and an ultrasonic receiver. AMANO is a leader in Parking Guidance System manufacturers, providing complete Parking Guidance system solutions and one of our valued partners. HC16T-40TR-P is one of the ultrasonic transducers we cooperate with AMANO, and friends who have similar needs can refer to it. Of course, a full range of customized services is our characteristic. 
This is a microphone jammer, probably few people know it, it is suitable for secret departments, a very unpopular application. It can interfere with the recording function of the recorder, effectively ensuring the safety of the conversation. Ultrasonic transducers of 25Khz and 30Khz are suitable for such products, and ultrasonic transducers with a diameter of 16mm are usually selected. From the interference effect, the performance of the 30Khz ultrasonic transducer is superior. These ultrasonic transducers are all customized, please contact us directly if you need it.
More and more directional speakers are used in our lives, museums, and shopping malls. Are you wondering how they do it? Its basic principle is to modulate the audible sound signal on the ultrasonic carrier signal, and transmit it into the air by the ultrasonic transducer. When the ultrasonic wave encounters obstacles, it will slow down and demodulate and restore to the original audible sound. In this way, with the help of the high directivity of the ultrasonic wave, the sound directional propagation is realized.
A 40Khz ultrasonic transducer is used on the directional speaker, the commonly used size is 10mm and 16mm in diameter, and the transmitter part is mainly used. Directional speakers have very high requirements for the consistency of ultrasonic transducer performance, and the material requirements are also different from those of conventional transducers. Be sure to specify the application field when purchasing.
There are many more other uses of ultrasonic transducers, such as pest regect, dog repellent, pet trainer. . . Contact our staff to learn more.

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