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We are a manufacture in china mainland, established in 1997 and have more than 20 years produce experience.
Our main products are Bluetooth speaker, Speaker unit, alarm buzzer, Siren, piezo element and ultrasonic sensor. 
Speaker: Bluetooth speaker, mylar speaker, loudspeaker, tweeter speaker, TV speaker, car speaker, multimedia speaker, woofer, sub-woofer, waterproof speaker etc.
Buzzer: piezoelectric (piezo) vibration element, piezoelectric buzzer, magnetic buzzer, SMD buzzer.
Ultrasonic sensor: 25Khz, 40Khz ultrasonic sensor for car parking system or distance tester.
Now we have 185 staffs, especially including 18 acoustic engineers,we provide products customization service,offer free sample for test. we are focus on product innovation , Management innovation. The quality of product was recognized by customer from all over the world.
Up to now the certification we have ISO9001 and ROHS compliant .
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