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Piezoelectric ultrasonic transducer introduction

Views: 21     Author: Hongchang(changzhou) electronic co., Ltd     Publish Time: 2022-02-21      Origin: Hongchang(changzhou) electronic co., Ltd

ultrasonic sensor structure

Before introducing the ultrasonic transducer, we should first understand its structure, and the figure above is the structure diagram.

The exact name of this product is Ultrasonic Transducer, but many people like to call it Ultrasonic Sensor. There is a big difference between the two, we can simply understand that the ultrasonic transducer is an important element of the ultrasonic sensor. However, when explaining the ultrasonic transducer, you cannot leave the ultrasonic sensor, because the function of the ultrasonic transducer is tightly connected with the ultrasonic sensor.

ultrasonic sensor application

Many applications of ultrasonic sensors are based on distance measurement, such as UAV obstacle avoidance, rangefinders, parking radars... In these applications, the role of ultrasonic transducers as an important component is energy conversion. The ultrasonic transmitter converts the pulse signal into ultrasonic waves and transmits it, and the ultrasonic receiver receives the returned ultrasonic waves and converts them into electrical signals.


In detail, a pulse signal is added between the two electrodes of the ultrasonic transmitter. When the frequency of the applied signal is equal to the frequency of the piezoelectric disc, the piezoelectric disc will vibrate, and it will also drive the resonant plate to vibrate to generate ultrasonic waves. this is the transmitting end of the ultrasonic generator. However, if there is no external pulse signal between the two electrodes of the ultrasonic transducer, and the resonant plate receives the transmitted ultrasonic wave, the piezoelectric disc will be forced to vibrate, and then the generated mechanical energy will be converted into an electrical signal, which is the ultrasonic receiver. Usually the transmitter and the receiver are two independent products, but as the integration with life becomes more and more close, small size and light weight are the trend of development, and the ultrasonic transducer with integrated transceiver also emerges as the times require. We are also in the research and development of SMD ultrasonic transducers, and we believe that they will soon be available to the market.

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