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The difference between piezo buzzer and piezo transducer (Part 2)

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  Piezoelectric buzzer, also called piezo audio indicator, can make sound when connected to DC power. Piezoelectric transducers will not produce sound when connected to DC voltage, and need to connect an external audio output circuit to produce sound. The figure below is a structural comparison between the piezo buzzer and transducer.


  The most essential difference between a piezoelectric buzzer and a piezoelectric transducer is whether it has a drive circuit, also called an oscillation circuit. The function of the oscillating circuit is to convert DC electric energy into AC electric energy with a certain frequency, thereby causing the piezoelectric ceramic sheet to be bent and deformed regularly, thereby emitting sound. Therefore, the piezoelectric buzzer can be directly connected to the DC voltage to produce sound, but the piezoelectric transducer cannot. Piezo transducer is driven by square wave (VP-P), the advantage is the sound frequency controllable, power consumption is small, generally in 20ma below, not more than 100ma.

  Another difference between them is that the piezoelectric buzzer can only work at a fixed frequency while the piezoelectric transducer can work at multiple frequencies, but in order to better release the function of the piezoelectric transducer, it is recommended that customers Use it in accordance with the instruction manual.

  The purpose of saying so much is to teach you how to choose whether the product you need is an indicator or a transducer.


  Look carefully at the specifications of the transducer and piezo indicator, you can find that the operating voltage unit of the transducer is Vp-p, and the voltage unit of the indicator is VDC. From the description of the operating voltage, you can judge that a product is a buzzer or transducer. At the same time, there is a description of capacitance in the parameters of the transducer but not the piezo buzzer.

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