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32mm piezo bimorph element

  • HC-32T-3.0AS1
  • HC
  • Type: Piezoelectric Ceramics
  • Product name: 32mm piezo plate
  • Resonant Frequency (KHz): 3.0±0.3
  • Resonant Impedance (Ω): 80 max
  • Capacitance at120Hz(pF): 14000±30%
  • Metal Material: Brass(H65)
  • Application: piezo transducer
  • Size: 32mm
  • MOQ: 5000 PCS
Resonant frequency (Fr)
3.0±0.3 KHz
Resonant resistance (R)
80Ω Max
Electrostatic capacity (C)
140000±30%pF at 120Hz
Dielectric loss
Max 5%
Insulation resistance
Min 100MΩ @25VDC
Material of metal plate
Metal plate diameter (D)
Φ31.8 +0.1/-0.1 mm
PZT plate diameter (d)
Φ31 +0.3/-0.3 mm
Element total thickness (T)
0.56 ±0.05 mm
Metal plate thickness (t)
0.15 ±0.01 mm
Maximum input voltage

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