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14mm 40khz waterproof reversing assitance ultrasonic sensor

  • HC14F-40FS-BA-1

  • HC

  • Model NO.: HC14F-40FS-BA-1
  • Product name: car parking ultrasonic sensor
  • Construction: Waterproof
  • Using method: dual function transmitter & receiver
  • Nominal Frequency: 40KHz
  • Sensitivity: ≥-75dBV/μMbar
  • S P L(dB): ≥97(10V/30cm/sine wave)
  • Directivity: 110x45deg
  • Detectable range(m): 0.3-1.5 m
  • Capacitance(pF): 2000±25%@1KHz

14mm 40khz waterproof ultrasonic parking sensor car ultrasonic sensor  

Water proof
Using method
dual function (transmitter & receiver)
Nominal Frequency
S P L(dB)
≥97 (10V/30cm/sine wave)
110x45 degrees          
Detectable range(m)
0.3-1.5 m
Operating Temperature(℃)
Housing material
Aluminum(aluminum color or black)          

Available housing materials and colors
白色铝壳 黑色铝壳 金色 塑壳
Silver aluminum shell Black aluminum shell Gold aluminum shell Plastic shell

Efficiently identify product performance


The ultrasonic transducers we produce usually have laser-printed characters, such as 40T/40R in the picture above, of course, it may be 25T/25R, or other labels. Let us briefly explain the meaning of these characters.

The number 40 represents the frequency of the ultrasonic transducer, that is, the frequency of this ultrasonic transducer is 40khz, then the number 25 or 23 represents the frequency of 25Khz and 23Khz.

The letter T stands for transmitter and R stands for receiver.

Lear more about Hongchang(changzhou) electronic co., Ltd


Hongchang(changzhou) electronic co., Ltd was established in 1997, we are an acoustic component factory rooted in mainland China. It has been deeply involved in electro-acoustic components for 23 years, and has a complete R&D team and production team. At present, it has more than 200 employees, including more than 20 R&D personnel.

The products involved in our company include speaker unit, Tweeter horn, buzzer, piezo element and ultrasonic sensor. The accessories used in the ultrasonic sensor are almost self-sufficient, from the basic accessories such as housing to the core accessories piezoelectric ceramics are produced by ourselves, and the quality of the accessories is strictly controlled from the source. Therefore, the performance consistency of the ultrasonic transducers produced by us is more superior, and has won high praise from customers at home and abroad.

Our philosophy is to create value for customers to achieve self-worth, Solving problems and saving costs for customers is our eternal development direction. If you have the opportunity, welcome to visit our company.

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